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Health In Focus

Did you know that over 40% of injuries in soccer are muscular injuries?  It is the most common type of injury, with hamstring being the muscular injury that occurs most often (15-40% of all muscular injuries).

Over the next couple of weeks we will bring you some exercises that you can add to your training routine. This will help to decrease the chances of being injured and missing out on all the fun once we start training outdoors again.

This exercise has proved to decrease hamstring injuries up to 71% in players, and decreased the risk of re-injury by up to 86%.

Kneel on a soft surface with knees hip-width apart and crossing your arms across your chest.  Your partner kneels behind you and with both hands, grips your lower legs just above the ankles while pushing them with their body weight to the ground.

Your body should be completely straight from the head to the knees. slowly lean forwards, trying to hold the position with your hamstrings.  When you can no longer hold the position, gently take your weight on your hands, falling into a push-up position.

Beginner: 1 set (3-5 reps)
Intermediate: 1 set (7-10 reps)
Advanced:  1 set (12-15 reps)

There you go!  Give it a try and keep working on becoming a better soccer player and stay #DedicatedToDevelopment.
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