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KUSC COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols

At the field:

  1. Prior to arriving please review the Ontario Self-Assessment for School Age kids:  At the Sign-In table, players or parents show the results(green with a check mark) from your phone or a printed copy.  We do not need to keep the printed copy though.  An example can be found below. 
  2. Arrive no more than 15 minutes before start time to sign in.
  3. Masks must be worn by players at all times except when playing on the field. Masks are required on the sidelines and must be socially distant. 
  4. Players must bring their own water bottle clearly marked.


  1. Only 1 parent at the field during sessions and they must be outside the fenced area(turf) or outside the field area(grass). Please socially distance and wear a mask while watching.
  2. For the parent that is going to stay at the field please complete the Ontario Self-Assessment  If 1 parent is staying their name will be required at sign in. 


  1. Coaches must also complete the Ontario Self-Assessment
  2. Masks must be worn on the sidelines but are not required on the field.

Field marshals are now required by Ontario Soccer during training sessions. This is to ensure players are socially distant on the sidelines and parents are socially distant while watching.  Please make it easy on our staff and volunteers and wear a mask and stay socially distant.  As we move through the phases of reopening some of these rules will be revisited by Ontario Soccer and Public Health.

Process for the ontario self assessment: Go to

This can easily be done on your phone or your child’s phone and be presented at the Sign-In desk. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle.

Thanks everyone!



Kingston United Soccer Club is following the guidelines as laid out in the Ontario Soccer Return To Play Guide as a way to ensure all our players, coaches, staff, volunteers, and members are safe as we return to the pitch.  For more information about the Return To Play Guide see below taken from the Ontario Soccer website and the attached document.


The Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide/Plan consists of a three-phase approach that includes:

Step 1: Individualized Training

Conditions: All Phase 1 Return to Train conditions are met

Restrictions: No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Step 2Team Training and League Games (enhanced training & modified games)

Step 3Continuation of Team Training and League (regular competition, games and training)

Note: Steps 2 and 3 are tentatively scheduled to start 21 days a part and subject to Government of Ontario assessment and approval. Ontario Soccer will advise membership confirmation of Steps through updated Information Bulletins that will include updates to this Return to Play Guide.

The Return to Play Guide includes:

  • Training and Competition Recommendations & Guidelines for Soccer Organizations                                                                
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Players       
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Parents
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Coaching                                        
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Match Officials      
  • Equipment Safety                                                    
  • Provide a Safe and Clean Environment - Fields, Clubhouse, Offices 
  • Risk Management and Insurance                             
  • Emergency Response Plan                                       
  • Legal Considerations

Ontario Soccer has also included information on Technical Resources, such as Sample Training Sessions, Return to Play Participant waivers, which may be used by your organization and links to COVID-19 Public Health Resources.

Public Health information

Local COVID-19 Information

Our local KFLA Public health website has many resources for COVID -19 including the number of current case, information on symptoms, self isolation, physical distancing, quarantine after travel and more.  

Please see the link for more information:

Provincial COVID-19 Information

The Government of Ontario updates their website every morning with COVID-19 related information.  Click on the link:


Federal COVID-19 Information

The Government of Canada COVID-19 page provides updates on cases, risk to Canadians, monitoring, history and more.  For more information follow the link below: